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Work for Lansdale Fun A Day

I spent lots of time yesterday getting ideas worked out and stuff painted for the Fun A Day show in February. It seems far off but with buying and selling a house and all of life’s other stuff, it’s a good time for me to work on this. In January, a bunch of artists will be creating something everyday (you may participate as well) then we will have a group show the first friday in February at Lansdale’s 3rd and Walnut.

So I began work on this carnival style wheel from some left over MDF from a home repair project from earlier in the morning.

I figure I can construct this to spin and people can try to win artwork by placing bids on colors. My son is helping me come up with more fun ideas, he is so into Fun A Day not knowing what it really is.

I also did more work on my David stand -in . There are only a few more details I’d like to add. Hopefully I’ll finish this one up this week, then I can begin the American Gothic Stand in.

Please visit my print website to purchase prints or contact me for original work and commissions.

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