some fantastic artwork

Angela’s Belly

Last night Angela came to model. She is in her second trimester. I’m documenting various stages of her pregnancy, the first painting I did a few months ago was of her anticipating her results. She was much more relaxed last night. I have some old frames laying around so I formatted the paper to accomadate those frames. I intended to work in gouache and ink but decided against the ink once I began.

My tiles have finally dried, I signed the backs and packaged them up. They will be sent off today for the Push Pull Print show

I also have two paintings on display at the North Penn Arts Alliance Annual Member show over at the Frame shop on Broad street in Lansdale. That show is running until this Saturday. Prints of some of my work are availableĀ  and make excellent Christmas gifts. I have some of the originals available as well, so if you ever see something you like let me know and we can arrange to make it yours.

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