some fantastic artwork

Fun A Day Work in progress

This January a bunch of artists are participating in Fun A Day, The show in Lansdale will be February 3rd at the 3rd and Walnut. I have been working on this project everyday but with trying to sell our house and all, I haven’t had time to write this blog like I usually do. I went a different route from last year. Instead of finishing a piece each day, I begun 31 pieces a once and I’m working them bit by bit daily. Some days I’m painting, some days I’m cutting stencils. A few days ago, I felt like the entire project was a failure but tonight I’m coming around and thinking it might all turn out well. I just took these photos in the dark of my basement so they aren’t fantastic. Perhaps I’ll find time when the sun is shinning to do better.


When we move, I might build myself a drying rack, clothes pins are cumbersome and not really the best solution for my lack of space.

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