some fantastic artwork

Tuesday with Moose

I met Moose a few years ago through an ad on Craigslist, he has a very scientific mind and is interested in some fascinating stuff. He also watch Ancient Aliens like I have been and seems to be on the same page as I am with subterranean oceans and animals and such, although he hasn’t seen Piranha 2. I felt a little bad for my fellow painters who couldn’t join our conversation but I had a great time.

We began at 7:30 and painted until about 10, so the light changed drastically even with my work lights strung up in the tree and the lit fire to his left. I’d like to add more detail into my garden to the right but I didn’t want to focus on that last night since I only had Moose to stare at for a few hours. For some reason I painted him with a sad face, he didn’t seem sad last night.

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