some fantastic artwork

I’m a featured Artist on the Patch

Christopher-Michael Snyder wrote a very nice article about my art work Here I’ve also just submitted two of my paintings into the North Penn Arts Alliance Members show at Montgomery County Community College. The opening reception is Wednesday June 29th 5 to 7PM but the best thing is the show is up until July 29th. That will be the longest any of my paintings have been publicly displayed.

This past Tuesday my model canceled so I painted portions of my backyard into an accordion book that I had created a while ago but left empty. I’m calling it my summer book currently, I’m not exactly sure where I’m going with it. The works are in gouache and ink.

ink and gouache drawings and paintings of my tiger lillies, my grapes still unripe, my cats, my fire and the umbrella against the night sky.Perhaps I'll do some collaging into these works.

I’m also pretty excited that I’ve sold a few prints, if you are reading this and have empty wall space you checkout and art up your home.

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