some fantastic artwork


Lansdale Fun A Day 2014 part 2

Serena participated in Lansdale Fun A Day for the first time this year, she also did a harp performance on stage. It was a pleasure to be graced with her beauty. Lucky Dog Curios joined the show again, their crafts and curios always make people smile. Chris McDermott was a first time Lansdale Fun A Dayer. I met him through the Water Gallery, we struggled through the closure of the gallery together. Luckily he could put his energy into drawing with pastel for the event. Kris Heffintrayer showed at the first Lansdale Fun A Day and has since teamed up with Amber Spindelman to create morbid pieces of work and jewelry from bones. Elizabeth Brunt from the North Penn Art Alliance showed off her artist trading cards that she worked on everyday in January. Liz Newman’s embroidered anatomy pieces were so fantastic that the mayor Andy Szekely had to purchase a piece. Ed Kane from the North Penn Art Alliance brought his pen and ink work done with his very own hand made goose feather quills. There were about 10 other artists who did not get interviewed and some amazing live performances. I am feeling very encouraged to keep putting these shows together. The fourth Annual Fun A Day show will be at the Third and Walnut in February of 2015 but in the meantime I will be hosting pop up shows in various locations, I hope to see you there.

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