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Farmer’s Market and Harvest Art Show

HarvestshowI’m gathering people together who haven’t showed their work in a while, so this will be exciting for a lot of people. The artwork will be inside the fellowship hall. Handmade items and local produce will be outside at the farmer’s market. I’m holding a flier contest. Most facebook shares and likes wins $20. I’ve handed out over 100 fliers already, I might win my own contest.

Lansdale Punk rock Flea Market

Flier flyer-bw flyer-bw-inverted flyer-color

2 floors of vendors at the third and walnut. 5 bands upstairs. I worked the door. Dana bought me wristbands to keep track of how many people actually came out (Something I never remember to do) I gave out 185 wristbands. I saw a few groupies who didn’t have bands and after 4 I let people come in for free and didn’t hand out bands. So I guess a little over 200 people were there. It was great to see some friends I hadn’t seen in a long time, like since Fun A Day.     Fun A Day 2015 will most likely be in Sellersville and I will be doing a film for it.                              I took some buttons orders at the show, I haven’t made bands’ buttons in a few years, it’s great to have two orders sitting on my desk.  I got my cards read Taro style, it was insightful. I have the mindset of the magician, trying master things and such. I gave a palm reading. We compared card reading verses palm reading. I need to study that a bit for a refresher, I found my old sign from when I used to give free readings at folk fest. I’m thinking I might get back into it.

I read some really good zines on the man and how working is for chumps. It really made me want to buy some land, put a yurt on it, gather some artists and commune it up. Then I questioned what year is this?


I will definitely do another Punk Rock Flea Market, this was tons of fun and I had great help from my family and friends.

Perkasie Community Day 2014

I did a 3 hour painting today at Perkasie Community Day. It was nice doing a live painting again. The bridge was a challenge, with the whites and the lattice. I chose to omit the people in this one, even though people did ask to be painted in. It was nice to talk to people who are interested in painting, hopefully we can get a plein air group together. This painting and some others I have done will be on display next weekend at the Sellersville museum 12-4.


Happiness Art Show

Happiness Art Show

Last year when I was handing out fliers for the Art Ghoulery, a man handed the flier back to me and said “call me when you have a happiness show”. He didn’t give me his number but perhaps I will cross paths with him again.

On Saturday, April 26th 4pm to 10pm at 733 Ridge Rd Sellersville, I will be hosting that Happiness Art show.

Happiness can mean different things to different people. Most artists are only happy if they are creating. Come out and support the artists in their creative endeavors. See some beautiful things, smile and enjoy.

Artists showing will include:
Amy Rims Art Page
Bobby Rantz
Chris McDermott
Alycia McDermott
Ben Robinson Artwork
Bobbi Shaw
Tim Gibson
John DiGiovanni
Skye Roae-Luria

Music / entertainment will be provided by:
Timothy Leslie
Morgan Tindall
Brian Medlin

This show will cost $1 at the door


With a dress like that

With a dress like that

Back in October I did a fashion show for West Main Consignment in Lansdale. This is the dress I modeled and then I wore it for the 2014 Lansdale Fun A Day show. I worked pretty hard getting things coordinated for this show, getting artists motivated, organizing some musicians, promoting the show, getting a crew together to help me set up and of course working on my own artwork everyday. It was hard work but the show was amazing and many people were inspired. During the show, some big guy came up to me and said it was a great show but he could have done this all if he had a dress like the one I was wearing…


Lansdale Fun A Day 2014 Video 4

Bobbi Shaw paints with me often and shows with me often, it’s great to have people to work with and inspire each other. Toni Michele and Chelsea Kalman work together on the same pieces as well as their own individual works. Jay Reimers works in abstract inspired by the weird humanoids he interacts with. He was a great help in getting the Fun A Day show set up and taken down. These shows are all about teamwork.


Lansdale Fun A Day 2014 part 2

Serena participated in Lansdale Fun A Day for the first time this year, she also did a harp performance on stage. It was a pleasure to be graced with her beauty. Lucky Dog Curios joined the show again, their crafts and curios always make people smile. Chris McDermott was a first time Lansdale Fun A Dayer. I met him through the Water Gallery, we struggled through the closure of the gallery together. Luckily he could put his energy into drawing with pastel for the event. Kris Heffintrayer showed at the first Lansdale Fun A Day and has since teamed up with Amber Spindelman to create morbid pieces of work and jewelry from bones. Elizabeth Brunt from the North Penn Art Alliance showed off her artist trading cards that she worked on everyday in January. Liz Newman’s embroidered anatomy pieces were so fantastic that the mayor Andy Szekely had to purchase a piece. Ed Kane from the North Penn Art Alliance brought his pen and ink work done with his very own hand made goose feather quills. There were about 10 other artists who did not get interviewed and some amazing live performances. I am feeling very encouraged to keep putting these shows together. The fourth Annual Fun A Day show will be at the Third and Walnut in February of 2015 but in the meantime I will be hosting pop up shows in various locations, I hope to see you there.


Lansdale Fun A Day 2014

I organized the 3rd annual Lansdale Fun A Day show at Lansdale’s Third and Walnut. The show was packed full of artists and musicians. Alan Fenstermaker shot some interviews with some of the artists. Here is part one with Anthony T Forbes and Ben Robinson. I’ve been showing with these guys for three years, it’s amazing to see their growth as artists over the years and I am looking forward to many more.


Work in the Water Gallery

gallery 008gallery 006gallery 005gallery 003Work in the Water Gallery

I just finished hanging some works at the Water Gallery 319 W Main St Lansdale. I’ve been working over there for about 3 months now trying to get the community involved in the arts. It’s been a challenge, it seems like the winter has been against me. We may be forced to close our doors and just exist online. If you haven’t been out there yet, please come out and support the local art community by buying some work (it ranges from 50 cents to thousands of dollars), becoming a gallery member which is $50 a month or invite your friends along.

gallery 004


Lansdale Fun A Day 2014

Lansdale Fun A Day 2014

I am hosting the Lansdale Fun A Day show again this year. We are 5 days into Fun A day, artists all over are creating everyday for the month of January. This really conditions you to work on your art everyday and keeps you motivated through the year. The group show will be Feb 21st, which will give us all time to figure out how to display our works. I’m working on some drawings and taking a break from life drawing. I was starting to feel like the figure has too much of a strong hold on my work and I’m losing my creativity. Time to have fun and find that creative spirit.