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Greek Love Zine

GreekLoveI’m starting work on a zine all about love. In Greek there are ore words to express love than in English. I wish to explore these concepts. I’m going to create small chapters for each type of love. AGAPE, EROS, STORGE and PHILEO. I’m looking for other people to collaborate with. If you are interested in working with me, let me know. My goal is to have it copied and stapled by valentine’s day.


Lake Galena en Plein Air

DSC00251 DSC00252 DSC00253 DSC00254 DSC00255

I am so happy that I joined this Plein Air group. We went out to Lake Galena today. My original intention was to paint my aunt Tilly’s old farm but where we were was too low to be able to see the silos, they are somewhere in the left trees. Today would have been a good day to break the oils out. I did this 11″x 14″ one in acrylic and I had to use my spray bottle very often to keep the paint workable, the high heat dried it so quickly. I brought the kids and packed a picnic lunch thinking we could be out all afternoon but I only managed to get two hours in due to the heat and biting red ants. I was also happy that clouds were out this morning. The chem trails in the upper right look like a DNA double helix. I’m also pretty satisfied with the way I painted the water.  I didn’t take photos but the other ladies did really nice work . It seems most of them like to work smaller and focus in on a smaller composition. Most of them work in oil and they blend their colors. Watching them is inspiring me, perhaps next time I’m out I’ll bring the oils instead.

Washington House

DSC00208 DSC00209 DSC00210 DSC00211 DSC00212

This morning I joined the By Oak Farm Plein Air group and painted this 11″X14″ acrylic painting of Sellersville’s Washington House. It took about 3 hours. I’m happier with this composition than the one I did the last week. I lied about a few of the building’s details to make it fit but that’s the fun part of painting. The ladies dining on the patio were thrilled to see themselves in the painting. They tried to buy it off me but since I had just painted, it I wasn’t ready to give it up just yet. I’m the worst at selling artwork for that reason. I will make postcard prints of this, which I have no problem parting with.

Odd Fellows Building

DSC00167 DSC00168 DSC00169 DSC00170

Today, I met up with the group ByOak Plein Air Painters. We spread out in this intersection and painted. It was great to find other painters in the area to work along side of. I spent about 2 and a half hours painting this building. I am a little bothered by the composition, too much sky not enough ground. All the windows and architectural details were very challenging but overall I’m pleased with how it came out. It was a beautiful cloudless morning. I’m so glad my husband pushed me to get out there again.

Painting the Baum House

Amy Rims Plein Air Painting Acrylic on 16 X20" Canvas

Amy Rims Plein Air Painting Acrylic on 16 X20″ Canvas

DSC00147 DSC00148 DSC00149 DSC00150

I woke up early this morning, set up and painted until the heat was too much. This was done in about 2 and a half hours. Many passers by enjoyed my painting. It was fun for people going into Stellas for breakfast to come out and see how much more I had done. One guy on his way out asked before seeing the painting, how it was coming along, I said I’m almost done, he said no way , then came and looked and was surprised that I was in fact almost done. The last guy who looked at it before I packed up said my painting looks better than the actual building.

Maple Street Playground Mosaic Project in Ambler

I have recently become involved in an group, The heArt of Ambler. We are organizing a community mosaic project. There is a contest for the mosaic design:

The Heart of Ambler Maple Street Playground Mosaic Project Contest is open to artists of all ages. Materials and labor are being supplied by the Mermaid Studios and local donors to refinish the playground on maple street. We need a design for the wall to be done in mosaic based on the theme “Children are the heart of Ambler”. Submit a jpeg of your design to this Facebook page by May 20th. At that time we will vote for the best design and then begin plans to start the work.

The wall to be mosaiced measures 9ft tall by 90ft long.

theme “Children are the Heart of Ambler”
Create a drawing 9 inches by 90 inches
save the drawing as “yourlastname”.mosaic.jpeg
submit it to this event page by May 20th

Open to all ages

Lansdale Fun A Day 2015 video clip

We had a great time at the Lansdale Fun A Day Art Show.  Here are a few shots of the show by Alan Fenstermaker. He arrived just in time to capture Morgan Tindell playing the birdcage.

It’s Happening

I’ve been given the opportunity to start up a new gallery with the possibility of artist workspace in the future, which would create an amazing arts center in downtown Lansdale. I’ve gather some artists, musicians and other creative types together for a weekend of creative events. It'sHappening-jpg

Friday March 6th

5-11:30 Gallery is open

8-11:30 live music of the punk rock variety  $7 to get in

Saturday March 7th

12-11:30 Gallery is open

1-3 sketch club with live model $15

8-11:30 live music of the experimental noise variety (you really don’t want to miss this) $3

Sunday March 8th

12-6 Gallery is open

12-3 Table vendors of the Punk Rock Flea Market Variety

3-6 Story Tellers

Come out and support this movement!

Fun A Day 2015 Group Art SHow


The Rip and The Rhythm

I spent the summer illustrating some short stories by Fox Dunham and Jay Wilburn in conte crayon, charcoal and ink. The book is now available online or you can get it from me when you see me. The stories are pretty spooky and thought provoking. Currently my laptop is not working properly and I can’t upload any images but check out the link and you can see  the cover for now. I will update this post once I get an idea how to fix stuff.