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Point Phillips


Sellersville Winterfest Train Station Art Show

Train Station Winter Art Show


Our group will be displaying some pieces while enjoying some hot cider.

Artists; Amy Rims, Bobbi Shaw, Megan Shisler, and Chris Wagner will be showing works in the old Sellersville Train Station. Enjoy Winter Fest the same evening. Parking is available free in the lot at the bottom of Lawn on Maple at Drukenmiller playground. Trolley’s run along Main Street up into town. Canned goods are collected at the Fire House. The Train Station is located behind the Sellersville Theater’s parking lot.

Dark Arts Show

Some of my darker paintings will be on display and for sale. I will also be doing palm readings and magical interventions. There will be a zombie walk down main street Lansdale with a huge variety of spooky events all along Main St. Look for me outside of Stove and Tap.

Concrete Castle

I had the opportunity to paint en plein air at the Fonthill castle in Doyelstown Pa. I love this building, Mercer built it out of concrete. He used to light a bonfire on the roof to prove how safe concrete construction is. Over time, the building has started to crumble but it’s a museum now and people keep it in shape. I spent 6.5 hours painting out in a very hot field. The photo to the left is after the first 3 hours. I went back the following week and worked another 3.5 hours to finish up the details. The light was ever-changing so I did my best to understand the shadows and colors. This is an oil painting 18″ X 24″. I will have it at the Winter Fest in Sellersville December 6th at the Sellersville train station. I should have postcards of it available by then. This is something I always say but it seems to always be true, this is my favorite painting I have done so far!

Paper collaging work in progress

This piece belongs in the huge collections of biblical illustrations I began a few years ago. It’s depicting a part of Acts (chapter 7) that recaps a bunch of Jewish history. I’m working this in so many different layers and mediums it’s getting really fun. It’s maybe half done now. So far, the locust swarm is my favorite part. It took me a few tries to get the body right. Each image I’ve pasted in seems to tell two different parts of the story.  The tent and the star are still very rough sketches regarding the star of David and the tent of Molek. I just looked this up and found that Molek means king. One of the long running stories that connects a lot of the books of the bible is this: people worship men as gods and it causes their down falls or exiles. If Molek David were how it was said then would it also be Molek Jesus?  Acts 7:43 says “You have taken up the tabernacle of Molek and the star of your god Rephan, the idols you made to worship. Therefore I will send you into exile beyond Babylon.”


work in progress

I’m working on this large piece for the Easter story. I’m trying to not go dark and scary with this and I’m hitting a road block. I was just messing around on gimp to get some ideas, my favorite is probably the white outline with flowers or take care of my sheep.

Goldilocks and the bears



I cleaned up my studio and finally did some work on the love zine. Sorry for the weird lighting.



snow day inspiration

It snowed a lot! After shoveling out, I walked around town. I love the blue hues of the snow and sky. Once I get my studio space back, I’ll get on painting.

what was he thinking?


This drawing cracks me up.