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Horror Illustrations

AmyRimsFDcensoredAmyRimsJWDragonflyeatingflowerAmyRimsFDManEatingTreeAmyRimsFDbeachghostAmyRimsJWPinkHouseskullAmyRimswillbeservedHorror Illustrations

I did these illustrations in ink on paper with the help of my lovely model John. They will appear in a horror anthology in the summer of 2013. I’ll link up to the book once it’s published.

Lansdale Fun A Day 2013

I am hosting Lansdale’s Fun A Day show again this year. Fun A Day is an international event in which artists create something everyday for the month then get together and display their creations. Today is the 14th day of January, which means I have 14 collages completed and various other things for the show to create a fun atmosphere. I decided to make more photo collages similar to the ones I made for my dad for Christmas. A few days ago, I hit a slump in which I wanted to give up on the collages but I kept at it and I’m liking them. I’ve had a few other artists come join me in my studio and that has helped keep my motivation up, I also have a new model that really enjoy working with. I have lots of work that I have posted on this blog yet (hopefully I get to that soon). Here are the first 13 days of collages.13days

Today’s collage is still laying flat to dry. This is a pretty difficult project, I get kind of emotional looking at old photos and thinking about mortality. So a few of the collages are not what I set out to make but they were much needed comic relief for myself. The point of this is to have fun and enjoy our work. My studio is a mess with so many projects going on. Schwa is working on his projects in here too behind the sheets. We are learning how to share materials, it’s fun having artistic partners to work with.

tacos 002

tacos 004

David Gerbstadt designed the flier for the show. Check him out if you get a chance, he’s a pretty cool guy .

FunADayI hope to see you at the show Friday February 8th at The Third and Walnut upstairs ballroom 43 W 3rd st Lansdale PA 7pm.

Tell Tale Art Show Preparations

Aly Moore and Greg Gardner co designed the poster for this show

Custom horror themed one inch buttons by Amy Rims


I just finished up making these buttons for the Tell Tale Art Show. My basement is filled with spooky paintings and horrific prizes for the prize wheel. The new stand in needs a few more touches but with a little over a week to go, I’m almost finished my artworks.

Thanks for supporting the arts

On Friday June 1st, My Five and Dime Art Show theme came to fruition.  I cannot thank all the artists who participated and all of the supporters of the arts that came out to enjoy the art, music and games. The cigarette girls helped draw people in off the streets to the upstairs ballroom of the 3rd and Walnut. I was approached by many people who would like to see me put this kind of event together weekly or monthly. I guess it’s best leaving the people wanting more rather than overdoing it. I have some plans in the works but I will in no way be ready to put another event like this together for July. My birthday is July 8th and I’d like to take a vacation. Tonight I will begin a little more work on tiny art to be sold by cigarette girls and I also need to begin designing a tattoo for my little bro. I’d also like to more more live event paintings. The Lansdale Farmer’s market has asked me to do something for them, I hope to find a free Saturday sometime in the near future for arting that up. Here’s a link to an article about the Five and Dime show from Lansdale Patch and below are some photos from the show. I got to use my stand ins!



my name on a marquee

Madness (in progress)

On Monday night I came up with the concept for this painting with Lisa in mind. I painted the room in acrylics and set the scene for painting madness. Last night, Lisa modeled for us again. She began with 3 longer poses in which she herself was drawing on a board. The rest of the poses began at 4 minutes and we eventually worked our way down to 30 second poses, which gave me loose interesting figures that I had envisioned. It was such fun challenging everyone to work faster. I didn’t get photos of the other ladies work since they took them home with them.

All of these poses are very familiar to me since Lisa and other models have used them before. If you are familiar with my paintings some of this probably reminds you of my older works. I plan to go into this painting again and work the window and perhaps some the Lisa figures who are painting but not the ones that are paintings. I have to say, this is currently my favorite painting I’ve created.

Doug Out Back

The weather is getting cooler, I have a feeling summer is ending. I want to spend as much time outside as possible, so last night we set up outback, had a fire and painted Doug. It was a good-sized group last night and a few great paintings were made. This was my favorite of the night, it was done by Matt Deleskiewicz, who has been painting with us for a few months but will be going back to school soon, and will be very missed.

I did two paintings last night.  The first one was a quick study in my Summer accordion book done in ink and gouache. I’m really enjoying those media.

Here is the larger one I did on canvas. I really messed up the placement of his feet because I was so preoccupied with thinking about his shoes. I know better, so it makes me a little angry that I did that. I do love the colors though, which is most important.

Leanne Vasold came back from her summer life guarding job and was able to join us again. She did some finger painting. This is the one she did of Doug. She focused on the house and pussy willow and wasn’t going to put Doug in, I’m glad she changed her mind.

Hopefully next Tuesday will bring us nice weather again.

Bobbi and Bobbi again

I was so amazed to have Bobbi back painting with me only 3 weeks after having her baby! She is such an amazing woman.

I painted Bobbi as she made a painting of her newborn son. I’m not really sure what I was thinking with the arrangement here of two Bobbis, I was still a bit sick. The image on the left resembles her the most.

Q & A with the Captain

We had Doug over last night to model for us. I feel like everyone’s skills are improving, it was such a great painting time.

I did this with ink, then went back into it with gouache, similar to the way I worked last week. This composition sets a scene for an interesting story. Which motivates me to get back into the narrative work that I dabbled with in college. I was so revved up from painting last night that I was only able to sleep maybe 2 hours last night, it’s kind of cool but awful when that happens to me. I should have just continued to paint instead of tossing around all night.

Anticipating and Piet Angela

The painting is group is always changing and I love. We had a pretty great dynamic last night, at first I was unprepared with my materials but once Angela sat down, ink seemed like the appropriate medium. She had so much nervous energy due to anticipating something huge which helped motivate my creative process. This first painting/drawing came out fantastically.

I don’t think a photograph could capture her more accurately.

Piet Angela

Earlier this week, I was having a conversation with my husband about communism and the personal/creative freedom it must allow since so many of your expenses are taken care of. I began some research on Communist arts but got sidetracked by an interesting caption “Mondrian so disliked the sight of nature whose irregularities he held accountable for humanity’s problems, that when seated at a restaurant table with a view of the outdoors, he wold ask to be moved”. This struck me as almost obscene but after some thought made sense to some extent so I read more about him and looked at a lot of his paintings. Even though I studied art in college, I hadn’t learned much about Piet Mondrian. I began to understand that those rectangles of squares were actually abstractions of subjects. He was looking to create dynamic equilibrium through male VS female, individual vs society and spiritual vs material through the use of a color’s visual weight. That is a lot to think about, during my second drawing last night, I delved into that concept just a bit and gave everyone in the room a color and attempted to find a balance. I’ll put more thought into this since it was such a fun idea.

Book Cover submissions

I did and ink drawing from a lovely model then digitally edited it in hopes of it becoming a cover for a book about Adventure. I’ll know in July if it was chosen or if any of the following images were chosen. I have another week until the deadline I may create more from my male model this week.

This was also done in ink and digitally edited to be more graphic and crisp. The theme of this short book would be Secrets.

This is my original oil painting of my lovely model before I digitally edited it for the Temptations book.

Here is the graphic edit. If you’d like to purchase prints of these they are available at

Fancy Lisa

It finally didn’t snow on a Tuesday night and I was able to have Lisa come model. I had prepared a canvas with tissue paper and modge podge continuing in the theme of my Fun A Day visual diary. I worked in ink.

This is unfinished but I’m undecided in what direction I’m going to take it. Perhaps more tissue paper to fill out the boa?

I also did some drawings with ink and gouache. This one turned out really well. I’m especially fond of her forehead.

First two weeks of Fun A Day

This month has been pretty hard with my Grammy deciding to stop eating, then dying, so this has been highlighted in my Fun A Day project. It kind of feels ironic to even call it fun but it has been a nice outlet for my sorrow. The funeral was yesterday and I didn’t manage to work on my book but I’ll make it up today.

I have been doing the visual diary and self-portrait on the front and a collage on the back.

I used to do this kind of thing when I was a teenager in a ruled diary.

Everyone in the family got sick besides me, which was also very un-fun.

Milo learned to draw faces, which is very exciting. These photos sure are blurry.

Death is hard, it brings a lot of tears.

Tissue paper is a great collage medium.

Wine was a nice gift.

Photos of my dad made me smile.

Another round of illness in the house, that I was lucky to avoid but privileged to clean. A trip to the steam room was needed.


A Schwa Accordion Book

This was my practice run for an accordion book. Schwa modeled for Bobbi and me. It was a laid back time. I painted with watercolor and drew with ink. The back of the pages are collage with magazine pages. This is a nice way to store my artwork.

Still Life with Squash

It’s getting cold. This Tuesday’s high was something like 27 C, so I thought having a model may be unfair. A candlelit still life seemed appropriate instead. I grabbed some interesting things, I included a bottle of mead (my sister made fun of me for drinking mead saying “what!? are you Thor?” which makes me laugh still) Bobbi provided the squash and arranged and rearranged things, changing the heights and spacing until everything seemed interesting and balanced. The tea lights were a real challenge since the wick burned down lower and lower as the time went by. I tried to get everything down as quickly as possible. The skull must have been my favorite item since I kept coming back to it, I think it has some beautiful coloring and detail. The mirror in the background was put there just to help with lighting, it had a really interesting reflection of the rafters which I may have to give another try in a future painting.


This was Angela’s first time modeling, she has been my friend for years. I was surprised when she agreed to model because she is such a quiet modest person. I used a calligraphy pen to do the detail in her face in the sketch above, it looks so much like her, I should have done that with the painting below. The small painting below is done in ink and gouache. I used the big red pillow and boyfriend pillow in this set up again. I think this is the best painting of the boyfriend pillows so far. This one is 5 X 7, so it’s like the size of a photograph, I just bought some small brushes and it’s been fun creating small detail. I had just been painting with large brushes with large quick movements. This coming Tuesday, I’m going back to large brushes and few details. I’m trying out a new idea inspired by Schwa. Hopefully in a few weeks, I’ll be painting a poet I’ve been e-mailing. I’m really trying to build an eclectic group of artists.

My two paintings, Tuesday with Doug and Venus are now hanging over at the North Penn Frame Shop on Broad street in Lansdale. I didn’t win any awards in the show but it’s nice to have my paintings all framed up for the public to see.


Shivanni was our model this Tuesday. I think it was her first time as a nude but I could be mistaken. She was a great model with interesting stories of Africa and engineering. I was so happy to paint someone with darker skin. The belly is my favorite part of this quick standing pose. For some reason I struggled with her face. As we drank more wine, I loosened up.

I had her repeat this pose for us. My series of these is growing, it’s going to be fun to collage them together.

This standing pose came about as she was playing with the scarf and asking how we’d like her next. I really loved the simplicity of this one, I really wish I had done it on a larger scale. Since it was a warm up painting it only about 5 inches high and maybe 2 or 3 inches wide. The green scarf really  makes it complete.One day, someone is going to have to teach me how to take good photos, the lighting distorted all my colors and blurs the details in her face, which I took great care with.  In person this may be the most beautiful painting I’ve done so far. There is a lot of dead space around the edges but this painting might be the perfect ground for one of my collages.


Susan was such a lovely lady to paint. I had her all to myself tonight, I’m not really sure where the rest of the ladies were. At first I had Susan leave her clothes on while I painted her mainly because I loved her dress but also because it was just me and her and its a little weird asking a stranger to take her clothes off. This was her first time and it’s probably nice to ease into it. I hated this first painting until I put the nose in and for some reason that brought it together.

This one feels chunky to me, I had to answer the phone and put the  kids back into their beds, so my energy was interrupted.

I think this painting is beautiful, it was Susan’s favorite as well. This will make become a part of my red pillow series. I think in a week or two, I’ll have to start assembling that.

This painting feels uncomfortable with nothing supporting her but a red pillow will probably fix that in time as well.

The dress is great here, maybe I’ll sever that head.

Finally she sat for this long pose. Maybe someday I’ll learn to take better photos, the light really washed out the upper half. I really love this painting and this pose. Lisa sat like this last week, I think I’m going to recreate this pose a few more times with other models and see how I can assemble something interesting with them. We had some really nice conversations about our families, the military and Philadelphia. It’s hard to think of a better way to spend a Tuesday night than painting and talking.

Warrington’s Last Friday

Warrington has a Last Friday Celebration at the Valley square shopping center. Christina from my painting group got a spot last minute. We set up what we could figure out to set up, pretty much just propping up art work against pillars and holding stuff down with rocks. I set up an easel and did drawings of people walking around. I sold drawings for $5 a piece and no one complained which makes me think I could get away with selling them for $10 a piece. These girls were so funny, they split the cost to pose together. I love young patrons of the arts 🙂

The sun set and there was no more light to draw by.

8 Views of Lisa

Lisa posed for us again last night. Christina brought some scarves for her to wear. We discussed Renoir and trashed art criticism. I love having a painting group. I began this panel in the upper right corner and worked down and towards the left. I think that really shows, the figures are done better than the last each time.

This pose was originally intended to be a quick 5 minute one but we all became entranced in it so it lasted for maybe an hour. Last night I thought her face was terrifying but looking at it tonight, I think she’s lovely.

I wanted to spend some time on her face and create some detailed features. I love the annoyed look in her eyes. She agreed that her hair had a tendency to swoop that way and defy her part. That’s always the trouble with long hair isn’t it?

Jay Brannan

I saw Jay Brannan at World Cafe Live in Philadelphia last night.  At first we had to stand since there is very limited seating but a couple left after the second song of Jay’s set and I quickly moved in. Sitting there, listening to him sing, I wished I had brought my sketch book. All I had was my ticket, they didn’t even have paper napkins at the table. I know the photo sucks but I wanted to share it anyway. After the show Jay Brananna stood by his table to sell CDs so I went up gave him a hug, thanked him for the great show and showed him my drawing. He said it was really good 🙂 If you never heard of him, you should check him out in the movie Shortbus or look at some videos 


Lisa has been a friend of mine for years. When I needed a female model she was happy enough to volunteer. She did a great job for her first time. I’m so proud of her. My cats loved her too and had to join in the fun. This top painting was done in oil in about 2 hours after some warm up drawings. I love the motion in her dress and hair. It was so much fun to paint someone with flowing hair. I need to do this more often. (more…)

Finally, He Had to Lay Down

Finally, he had to lay down. He laid on his belly, his feet were very near me. It looked like this. And this.

Also like this

He became more settled and I could hardly see him

So I had to get out my palette knife

He Had to Duck and Cover

He had to duck and cover. He said it was an air raid and talked of a friend who at one point didn’t live far from my home and had a fallout shelter in his basement. I couldn’t relate and said it was more like a tornado drill. He couldn’t relate and insisted it was an air raid.

Then He Started to Come Down

Then he started to come down, he was reaching up like he didn’t want to come down but we all knew that he eventually would. I lied about how bright his face was but I think his knees were exactly like that.