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Lansdale Fun A Day 2013

I am hosting Lansdale’s Fun A Day show again this year. Fun A Day is an international event in which artists create something everyday for the month then get together and display their creations. Today is the 14th day of January, which means I have 14 collages completed and various other things for the show to create a fun atmosphere. I decided to make more photo collages similar to the ones I made for my dad for Christmas. A few days ago, I hit a slump in which I wanted to give up on the collages but I kept at it and I’m liking them. I’ve had a few other artists come join me in my studio and that has helped keep my motivation up, I also have a new model that really enjoy working with. I have lots of work that I have posted on this blog yet (hopefully I get to that soon). Here are the first 13 days of collages.13days

Today’s collage is still laying flat to dry. This is a pretty difficult project, I get kind of emotional looking at old photos and thinking about mortality. So a few of the collages are not what I set out to make but they were much needed comic relief for myself. The point of this is to have fun and enjoy our work. My studio is a mess with so many projects going on. Schwa is working on his projects in here too behind the sheets. We are learning how to share materials, it’s fun having artistic partners to work with.

tacos 002

tacos 004

David Gerbstadt designed the flier for the show. Check him out if you get a chance, he’s a pretty cool guy .

FunADayI hope to see you at the show Friday February 8th at The Third and Walnut upstairs ballroom 43 W 3rd st Lansdale PA 7pm.

Family collages

I have a photo album in my closet of old family photos that I put together when my grammy died. It’s hard to look through the albums but I hate to have them not looked at. My dad asked me to save some photos for him but he has a difficult time with them, so I made up these for him. I haven’t given them to him yet but I think he will like them.


This first one highlights alcoholism and bizarre furniture. My grammy is the little girl on the right in the photo behind the couch. couch

Alcohol is highlighted in this one too. My dad is the boy going down the slide in the photo.


This one is about death.


This one contains my favorite photo of my poppop. He is a sour man but hilarious.



Fancy Lisa in mixed media

I began this drawing on tissue paper a while ago. Last night my model canceled, so I took the opportunity to work this unfinished piece.I felt the boa could  be made  easily with tissue paper but then I wanted to vary the textures and media. It was a lot of fun to rework this piece. I’m going to have Lisa take a look next week when she comes to model, maybe she’ll have something to add…

Fancy Lisa

It finally didn’t snow on a Tuesday night and I was able to have Lisa come model. I had prepared a canvas with tissue paper and modge podge continuing in the theme of my Fun A Day visual diary. I worked in ink.

This is unfinished but I’m undecided in what direction I’m going to take it. Perhaps more tissue paper to fill out the boa?

I also did some drawings with ink and gouache. This one turned out really well. I’m especially fond of her forehead.

Fun A Day Philadelphia

I finally completed my accordion book for January 2011’s Fun-A-Day Philadelphia. The show is going to be next Friday February 11th and Saturday at Studio 34 in West Philly. These photos are kind of blurry because it’s been snowing and snowy all year, so I couldn’t get outside to photograph my work. Let’s see how many photos I can put up in one post.

Here’s the first version of the cover

A delayed Christmas party at my sister’s house

A late night pictionary game

Beginning stage of a collageA busy Sunday

A not so busy Monday

another primitive collage

A sick day

Milo learned to draw faces

; )

I’ve went back into this one with more ink but photographing is tedious, if you want to see the changes, come to the show.

Grammy wasn’t doing well.


Starvation after 19 days

Christmas party with Schwa’s family

Some wine was consumed

winter : (

No time to mourn, time to clean up sick family

This is when my collages start to evovle into something good.

Time by myself at the gym with the Asian ladies

old photos of my dad

sorting through Grammy’s stuff with my family

time to think

House fire down the street, mom came to visit

Time to drive everywhere and pick up family for the funeral

Full house on funeral eve, I hadn’t seen Steven in a long time.

From the memorial service

Ashes in a box

I miss spring

Made ice ornaments with the kids

Try to find happiness

Sundaes with the family

Trying to look forward

No model, too much ice

Still trying to look forward

Too sensitive to talk to the boss just yet

Crying all night long

Had to take another day off

Otts is a nice place to relax in the winter

Potty training begins

More snow!

A long cold walk from the downtown birthday party

Notes from the party

Redesigning easels with my dad

A radio show


Milo thought I’d love this picture

Obama gives the State of the union Address, maybe jobs will increase, if he ends subsidies to oil companies, gas prices will surely increase.

A man offers me a little money

Snow and thunder and lightening

Another radio show

Goblin is always by the fire

If I were giant, I would knock stuff down

A snowy angry walk

I have a few more photographs to take, once I get a chance I’ll add them.


A Schwa Accordion Book

This was my practice run for an accordion book. Schwa modeled for Bobbi and me. It was a laid back time. I painted with watercolor and drew with ink. The back of the pages are collage with magazine pages. This is a nice way to store my artwork.


This painting is almost completed. Last one was one of my favorite painting nights, I don’t know if I was just in an extra good mood but I had a lot of energy and I feel it went to good use. I worked on the this painting, which Lisa suggested it be called Venus due to the Venus fly trap nature of her hair and I love that idea. I also did some ink and watercolor drawings. It was too windy to photograph them today but I’ll get them done sometime. Hopefully this painting dries quickly, I’m entering a show on the 19th and would like to include this. Tonight I’ve begun putting together an artist statement. That’s a tough thing to do but this is what I have so far. I’d love feedback.

I create art because I love the process of creation. I love the way the movements of my body are led by the movements of my quickly moving brush, which are led by the rapid decisions my eyes are forced to make about color, shape, form and texture. Oil paint is my medium of choice, because I love its loose versatility and forgiving nature. Humans and their bodies or body parts are my favorite subject because life is all about human interaction or lack there of.

Recently, I’ve formed an intimate group of female painters. We meet weekly, in my home. Gathered around a friendly model, we share our creative energy.  I love the atmosphere of creating with a group of friends, sharing stories, laughing and examining life together. Sometimes, I feel the process is better than the product. Although I do fall in love with each of my paintings. When a piece has turned out really well, I feel it captures the moment in which it was created. It reflects the energy I felt from the room of friends, the passion of the model and the state of my own mind. The colors compliment each other like they were made for each other but also lend themselves to build shapes. The forms feel balanced, like everything is in its place. My world in a picture plane is organized.

Susan’s Dream

This is my third collage, I’ve used up most of my quick drawings at this point. I feel the collage really completes this scene. At first I was only going to use paintings. The Figure laying in the foreground fit so perfectly into the large central figure but the seated figure on her shoulder was very disconnected before the addition of Jack climbing up her legs. My husband Schwa was a helpful inspiration, he suggested I add a slide and that made sense, which created a logical connection to a ladder to Jack climbing. I didn’t have enough Lisa paintings to make a single collage and that made me feel lonely for her, so I added a lonely Lisa behind the action.  Hopefully over the next few week, I’ll create enough quality Lisa images to have a finished product to show for my efforts. Tomorrow, my sister will be modeling for us. I’m very excited to see what we can come up with.

Harem of Shivani

Christina was right on, saying take the photos in natural light. The sun makes my paintings look more true in these photos. This collage is a bit more tame than Jack’s orgy. I think adding in the quick paintings really completes the scene. The proportions are funny in relation to each other but I think its fun, it reminds me of Picasso’s Avignon but better 🙂

Jack’s Orgy

I photographed this outside and the sunlight has made all the difference, you can see the colors of my paintings! It was a bit too bright though, I will get the hang of this eventually.  The rest of my paintings will be photographed outside, I should probably paint outside too. Unfortunately, I do most of my painting at night time. The moon isn’t quite illuminating enough. If you’ve been reading this blog, you probably recognize all the images in this final piece. I think this was a good use of the portraits. My favorite part is where all the legs are intertwined in the lower half. It took 5 tubes of crazy glue to assemble this piece, I’m going to frame it and show it in Lansdale’s October First Friday along with some large drawings.