some fantastic artwork

Concrete Castle

I had the opportunity to paint en plein air at the Fonthill castle in Doyelstown Pa. I love this building, Mercer built it out of concrete. He used to light a bonfire on the roof to prove how safe concrete construction is. Over time, the building has started to crumble but it’s a museum now and people keep it in shape. I spent 6.5 hours painting out in a very hot field. The photo to the left is after the first 3 hours. I went back the following week and worked another 3.5 hours to finish up the details. The light was ever-changing so I did my best to understand the shadows and colors. This is an oil painting 18″ X 24″. I will have it at the Winter Fest in Sellersville December 6th at the Sellersville train station. I should have postcards of it available by then. This is something I always say but it seems to always be true, this is my favorite painting I have done so far!

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