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Lake Galena en Plein Air

DSC00251 DSC00252 DSC00253 DSC00254 DSC00255

I am so happy that I joined this Plein Air group. We went out to Lake Galena today. My original intention was to paint my aunt Tilly’s old farm but where we were was too low to be able to see the silos, they are somewhere in the left trees. Today would have been a good day to break the oils out. I did this 11″x 14″ one in acrylic and I had to use my spray bottle very often to keep the paint workable, the high heat dried it so quickly. I brought the kids and packed a picnic lunch thinking we could be out all afternoon but I only managed to get two hours in due to the heat and biting red ants. I was also happy that clouds were out this morning. The chem trails in the upper right look like a DNA double helix. I’m also pretty satisfied with the way I painted the water.  I didn’t take photos but the other ladies did really nice work . It seems most of them like to work smaller and focus in on a smaller composition. Most of them work in oil and they blend their colors. Watching them is inspiring me, perhaps next time I’m out I’ll bring the oils instead.

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