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Maple Street Playground Mosaic Project in Ambler

I have recently become involved in an group, The heArt of Ambler. We are organizing a community mosaic project. There is a contest for the mosaic design:

The Heart of Ambler Maple Street Playground Mosaic Project Contest is open to artists of all ages. Materials and labor are being supplied by the Mermaid Studios and local donors to refinish the playground on maple street. We need a design for the wall to be done in mosaic based on the theme “Children are the heart of Ambler”. Submit a jpeg of your design to this Facebook page by May 20th. At that time we will vote for the best design and then begin plans to start the work.

The wall to be mosaiced measures 9ft tall by 90ft long.

theme “Children are the Heart of Ambler”
Create a drawing 9 inches by 90 inches
save the drawing as “yourlastname”.mosaic.jpeg
submit it to this event page by May 20th

Open to all ages

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