some fantastic artwork

It’s Happening

I’ve been given the opportunity to start up a new gallery with the possibility of artist workspace in the future, which would create an amazing arts center in downtown Lansdale. I’ve gather some artists, musicians and other creative types together for a weekend of creative events. It'sHappening-jpg

Friday March 6th

5-11:30 Gallery is open

8-11:30 live music of the punk rock variety  $7 to get in

Saturday March 7th

12-11:30 Gallery is open

1-3 sketch club with live model $15

8-11:30 live music of the experimental noise variety (you really don’t want to miss this) $3

Sunday March 8th

12-6 Gallery is open

12-3 Table vendors of the Punk Rock Flea Market Variety

3-6 Story Tellers

Come out and support this movement!

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