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Lansdale Punk rock Flea Market

Flier flyer-bw flyer-bw-inverted flyer-color

2 floors of vendors at the third and walnut. 5 bands upstairs. I worked the door. Dana bought me wristbands to keep track of how many people actually came out (Something I never remember to do) I gave out 185 wristbands. I saw a few groupies who didn’t have bands and after 4 I let people come in for free and didn’t hand out bands. So I guess a little over 200 people were there. It was great to see some friends I hadn’t seen in a long time, like since Fun A Day.     Fun A Day 2015 will most likely be in Sellersville and I will be doing a film for it.                              I took some buttons orders at the show, I haven’t made bands’ buttons in a few years, it’s great to have two orders sitting on my desk.  I got my cards read Taro style, it was insightful. I have the mindset of the magician, trying master things and such. I gave a palm reading. We compared card reading verses palm reading. I need to study that a bit for a refresher, I found my old sign from when I used to give free readings at folk fest. I’m thinking I might get back into it.

I read some really good zines on the man and how working is for chumps. It really made me want to buy some land, put a yurt on it, gather some artists and commune it up. Then I questioned what year is this?


I will definitely do another Punk Rock Flea Market, this was tons of fun and I had great help from my family and friends.

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