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Happiness Art Show

Happiness Art Show

Last year when I was handing out fliers for the Art Ghoulery, a man handed the flier back to me and said “call me when you have a happiness show”. He didn’t give me his number but perhaps I will cross paths with him again.

On Saturday, April 26th 4pm to 10pm at 733 Ridge Rd Sellersville, I will be hosting that Happiness Art show.

Happiness can mean different things to different people. Most artists are only happy if they are creating. Come out and support the artists in their creative endeavors. See some beautiful things, smile and enjoy.

Artists showing will include:
Amy Rims Art Page
Bobby Rantz
Chris McDermott
Alycia McDermott
Ben Robinson Artwork
Bobbi Shaw
Tim Gibson
John DiGiovanni
Skye Roae-Luria

Music / entertainment will be provided by:
Timothy Leslie
Morgan Tindall
Brian Medlin

This show will cost $1 at the door

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