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Into the Ocean

Into the Ocean

Last night I hosted the BYOG show, it was an amazing night. The crowd was small but the people there made the evening perfect. Artists new to me joined in. I feel like I made great connects with these “new” artists and we plan to do more things together. Bobby Rantz is a scratch board artist, I can’t describe how powerful his work is but my heart was touched by his work. Musicians were excited to share their music, I even played and sang a little (without having a heart attack from fear). Blaze played his heart out and his friends were some of the most supportive people I’ve ever met. Authors read deeply personal stories, excerpts and poems. I’m doing some illustrations for Fox Dunham, he is a cancer survivor, sometimes I feel like my drawings can’t do his stories justice but listening to him read out loud inspires me further. Jason Kaminski read an excerpt from his book dealing with addiction and life sorrows. I got some negative feedback from some show attendees because I invited him to read. I’m not exactly sure what people don’t like about him. Personally I have had hard feelings towards the guy for breaking my ribs in a mosh pit many years ago, but I’m over that now. I figure he’s an artist and has something that needs to be let out. My shows are for people like him.
While I was by my table running the millionaire’s auction, a young woman stared for a long time at my painting Into the Ocean. Tears filled her eyes, I walked around the table and talked to her about what this meant to her. I knew there has been a loss of life and could see she was grieving. This painted reminded her of God and her lost friend and his brothers and also the different ways in which you can appreciate the sea. We hugged and I removed the painting (which had no bids) from the auction and gave it her. I think it was meant for her.
There were so many people there who made the show amazing, I’m so thankful to have found this community of artists and art lovers.

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