some fantastic artwork

Thanks for supporting the arts

On Friday June 1st, My Five and Dime Art Show theme came to fruition.  I cannot thank all the artists who participated and all of the supporters of the arts that came out to enjoy the art, music and games. The cigarette girls helped draw people in off the streets to the upstairs ballroom of the 3rd and Walnut. I was approached by many people who would like to see me put this kind of event together weekly or monthly. I guess it’s best leaving the people wanting more rather than overdoing it. I have some plans in the works but I will in no way be ready to put another event like this together for July. My birthday is July 8th and I’d like to take a vacation. Tonight I will begin a little more work on tiny art to be sold by cigarette girls and I also need to begin designing a tattoo for my little bro. I’d also like to more more live event paintings. The Lansdale Farmer’s market has asked me to do something for them, I hope to find a free Saturday sometime in the near future for arting that up. Here’s a link to an article about the Five and Dime show from Lansdale Patch and below are some photos from the show. I got to use my stand ins!



my name on a marquee

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