some fantastic artwork

Five and Dime Show Preparations


Show flier by Kynn Peterkin

Artwork will be available to purchase  from cigarette girls. I packed up 52 boxes last night plus other artists involved with the show will have their art in cigarette boxes.


This show will feature a wheel of art in which you place a dollar on the color of your choice, if it comes up you win your choice of artwork. I and other the other artists in the show will have our art available as prizes .


Five and Dime Art Show

Friday June 1st 6Pm to 11:30 PM

Upstairs Ballroom of Lansdale’s 3rd and Walnut

Local artists : Amy Rims, Schwa Rox, Kynn Peterkin, Jason Heffner, Michael Schank, Kim Saddel,  Ben Robinson, Bobbi Shaw, Chelsea Allen, Mark Price, Emily Barrett Spengler, Greg Gardner, Joyce Sherman, Rosalynd Orr, Kevin Thomas, and Lauren Elliot will be making their art available to the public in the ballroom at Lansdale’s Third and Walnut. Art will be sold at reasonable prices through old tymey fun themes.  Live music by Eric Visnov will be provided. No Cover charge. I hope to see you there.

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