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Subterranean paintings completed and nearly sold out at Nuthing But art Show

On Friday April 20th I displayed my latest paintings based on a subterranean theme.  The Nuthing But Art Show had its challenges during the planning phase with change of venues and changes of artists as well as musicians. I think everyday of planning I had to rearrange the list of who was involved. In the end I feel it was very successful. Here is a link to a photo gallery done by Tony DiDomizio of the Patch.


Here is my finished painting Under the Earth it was sold but prints are available.


This is the partner painting to Under the Earth, featuring a close up of the monster from the underground sea.  It was also sold at the show but prints are available.


This acrylic painting of an above ground lake at night time is still available.

Above the Earth

This tiny mountain was also sold at the Nuthing But Art Show but prints are available.



The show was so much fun, I’ve begun planning on the next show. Hopefully, it will come together by June or July.  It will be a themed show entitled Five and Dime, involving costumed ladies, games, prizes and all sorts of artsy fun.

I will be doing some portrait painting for the Children’s Miracle Network Charity at Lansdale’s Rite Aide on the corner of Main and Broad Friday May 4th during the First Friday festivities. I’m excited to see how this year’s first Fridays go since the town has taken control of it rather than a for profit group. The portraits will be done live for $5, I hope to see you there.

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