some fantastic artwork

Learning new things all the time

24" X 48" Acrylic painting on stretched linen

I’m finally moved into the new home and have the new studio almost set up. It needs some serious lighting. I began these paintings for the Nuthin But Art show, I’m putting together. There will be a great group of artists including some from the Fun A Day Show. This painting is an expansion of the subterranean sea painting I did last year. It’s a concept that deserves more exploration than a quick watercolor painting. I stretched linen and primed it with some house paint I found in my new workshop. I’m pleased with the texture. It’s rather nice having enough space just to work on the wall here.

Acrylic base

This is going to be an accompanying piece (s) to the larger painting, To house the above Earth features.

This year my focus in art is to be on putting on shows and I am learning a lot. It’s very important to have assistance from others. It seems even more important to get things in writing. Twice already that has come to set me back. I’m not sure yet if when touring a venue, I need to take notes on everything discussed and get a signature like I do with my work as a therapist, it may seem neurotic but I might take it there.

This week, I will be working more on these paintings as well as some artwork for some home brewed beer for the Nuthin But Art Show. Good times 🙂

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