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Fun A Day 2012

Last Friday I held the Lansdale Fun A Day show at the Third and Walnut. Artists created something everyday during the month of January and showed it then in a huge group show with live music from, Blaze, Mindblown, and Brian Medlin. The music kept people entertained after they had a chance to walk around and view the artwork.  Here is the Preshow interview that attracted a few of the Patrons. I was surprised at how successful this show was. Most artists sold artwork or at the very least made connections with new patrons. Besides showing our Fun A Day projects, we held a millionaire’s auction in which patrons bought tickets for $1 and entered the raffle to buy our artwork. That was a lot of fun and will have to be utilized again. There was also a live painting created by Anthony T Forbes, Ben Robinson and Kim Saddel. I had never seen a group of people create a painting together, I want to see more of this. After the painting was completed it was auctioned off right on stage, it was very exciting! I made many connections with artists interested in doing more shows like this.  Lansdale Patch featured a follow up story/photo gallery declaring it a Huge Success! I’m feeling very encouraged and my mind has been racing about show ideas. Today I am packing up my studio for the move over to Sellersville. I will not be leaving Lansdale behind though, I have plans to do more shows at third and Walnut, in March I will be hanging art over at Virago’s cafe, my things can still be seen at North Penn Acupuncture and I have plans to participate in some first Friday Festivities as well as other things. Thanks for coming out to the show and supporting and encouraging the artists involved.

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