some fantastic artwork

Push Pull Print

I’ll be participating in a show in Newtown on December 2nd at Counrtyside Gallery and Radhouse Studio. The show is called Push Pull Print and is hosted by Chris Kline also know as Bango by everyone that I know who knows him. I sent him digital images of Tuesday with Doug and he set up some screens. This was my first time doing screen printing and his first time printing onto tiles. So it was a learning experience for the both of us.I’ll be painting onto these printed tiles once the enamel is fully dried. They look pretty awesome already. I’m very glad I chose this image to work with, for some reason the painting (which is on display at North Penn Community Acupuncture) never really felt finished. Painting these tiles separately will give me a chance to explore the possibilities and perhaps go get that painting and rework it. It’s weird how long it takes me to bring an idea to completion.

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