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Anticipating and Piet Angela

The painting is group is always changing and I love. We had a pretty great dynamic last night, at first I was unprepared with my materials but once Angela sat down, ink seemed like the appropriate medium. She had so much nervous energy due to anticipating something huge which helped motivate my creative process. This first painting/drawing came out fantastically.

I don’t think a photograph could capture her more accurately.

Piet Angela

Earlier this week, I was having a conversation with my husband about communism and the personal/creative freedom it must allow since so many of your expenses are taken care of. I began some research on Communist arts but got sidetracked by an interesting caption “Mondrian so disliked the sight of nature whose irregularities he held accountable for humanity’s problems, that when seated at a restaurant table with a view of the outdoors, he wold ask to be moved”. This struck me as almost obscene but after some thought made sense to some extent so I read more about him and looked at a lot of his paintings. Even though I studied art in college, I hadn’t learned much about Piet Mondrian. I began to understand that those rectangles of squares were actually abstractions of subjects. He was looking to create dynamic equilibrium through male VS female, individual vs society and spiritual vs material through the use of a color’s visual weight. That is a lot to think about, during my second drawing last night, I delved into that concept just a bit and gave everyone in the room a color and attempted to find a balance. I’ll put more thought into this since it was such a fun idea.

One response

  1. john

    nicely done, like the hits of color.

    July 28, 2011 at 12:17 am

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