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Fun A Day Philadelphia

I finally completed my accordion book for January 2011’s Fun-A-Day Philadelphia. The show is going to be next Friday February 11th and Saturday at Studio 34 in West Philly. These photos are kind of blurry because it’s been snowing and snowy all year, so I couldn’t get outside to photograph my work. Let’s see how many photos I can put up in one post.

Here’s the first version of the cover

A delayed Christmas party at my sister’s house

A late night pictionary game

Beginning stage of a collageA busy Sunday

A not so busy Monday

another primitive collage

A sick day

Milo learned to draw faces

; )

I’ve went back into this one with more ink but photographing is tedious, if you want to see the changes, come to the show.

Grammy wasn’t doing well.


Starvation after 19 days

Christmas party with Schwa’s family

Some wine was consumed

winter : (

No time to mourn, time to clean up sick family

This is when my collages start to evovle into something good.

Time by myself at the gym with the Asian ladies

old photos of my dad

sorting through Grammy’s stuff with my family

time to think

House fire down the street, mom came to visit

Time to drive everywhere and pick up family for the funeral

Full house on funeral eve, I hadn’t seen Steven in a long time.

From the memorial service

Ashes in a box

I miss spring

Made ice ornaments with the kids

Try to find happiness

Sundaes with the family

Trying to look forward

No model, too much ice

Still trying to look forward

Too sensitive to talk to the boss just yet

Crying all night long

Had to take another day off

Otts is a nice place to relax in the winter

Potty training begins

More snow!

A long cold walk from the downtown birthday party

Notes from the party

Redesigning easels with my dad

A radio show


Milo thought I’d love this picture

Obama gives the State of the union Address, maybe jobs will increase, if he ends subsidies to oil companies, gas prices will surely increase.

A man offers me a little money

Snow and thunder and lightening

Another radio show

Goblin is always by the fire

If I were giant, I would knock stuff down

A snowy angry walk

I have a few more photographs to take, once I get a chance I’ll add them.


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