some fantastic artwork

Still Life with Squash

It’s getting cold. This Tuesday’s high was something like 27 C, so I thought having a model may be unfair. A candlelit still life seemed appropriate instead. I grabbed some interesting things, I included a bottle of mead (my sister made fun of me for drinking mead saying “what!? are you Thor?” which makes me laugh still) Bobbi provided the squash and arranged and rearranged things, changing the heights and spacing until everything seemed interesting and balanced. The tea lights were a real challenge since the wick burned down lower and lower as the time went by. I tried to get everything down as quickly as possible. The skull must have been my favorite item since I kept coming back to it, I think it has some beautiful coloring and detail. The mirror in the background was put there just to help with lighting, it had a really interesting reflection of the rafters which I may have to give another try in a future painting.

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