some fantastic artwork


I’ve been working on this painting for the last two weeks. My original intention got lost in translation. I had planned to create a more non human form, just paying attention to shape and form but I had such a strong need to add detail and get caught up in fingers and toes and muscles.  I drew inspiration from the colors of Edvard Munch’s (the painter of the Scream)  Madonna. The cool colors I gave Eric’s body really added a lot of years to him and don’t really convey his fun, warm personality. The foreshortening got me again in his left arm, I’m not sure if I’m going to take that out and try again or just do something else with it. There are a few things that I really love about this painting. The reflective light to the left of his right elbow is amazing in person, this photo doesn’t do it justice. The area in front of his knee in the foreground is a lot of fun too, it reminds me of water. This painting feels unfinished but I’m going to let it sit until I figure out what I’m doing with it. That pile of unfinished paintings is really growing! I’ve also been doing some ink drawings of Eric which have turned out very nicely. It’s been too cold and windy to photograph them, maybe in the springtime I can get them up.

Here’s the Madonna painting I mentioned, in case you weren’t familiar with it.

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