some fantastic artwork


This painting is almost completed. Last one was one of my favorite painting nights, I don’t know if I was just in an extra good mood but I had a lot of energy and I feel it went to good use. I worked on the this painting, which Lisa suggested it be called Venus due to the Venus fly trap nature of her hair and I love that idea. I also did some ink and watercolor drawings. It was too windy to photograph them today but I’ll get them done sometime. Hopefully this painting dries quickly, I’m entering a show on the 19th and would like to include this. Tonight I’ve begun putting together an artist statement. That’s a tough thing to do but this is what I have so far. I’d love feedback.

I create art because I love the process of creation. I love the way the movements of my body are led by the movements of my quickly moving brush, which are led by the rapid decisions my eyes are forced to make about color, shape, form and texture. Oil paint is my medium of choice, because I love its loose versatility and forgiving nature. Humans and their bodies or body parts are my favorite subject because life is all about human interaction or lack there of.

Recently, I’ve formed an intimate group of female painters. We meet weekly, in my home. Gathered around a friendly model, we share our creative energy.  I love the atmosphere of creating with a group of friends, sharing stories, laughing and examining life together. Sometimes, I feel the process is better than the product. Although I do fall in love with each of my paintings. When a piece has turned out really well, I feel it captures the moment in which it was created. It reflects the energy I felt from the room of friends, the passion of the model and the state of my own mind. The colors compliment each other like they were made for each other but also lend themselves to build shapes. The forms feel balanced, like everything is in its place. My world in a picture plane is organized.

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