some fantastic artwork

Megan and Elliot

My sister Megan modeled for us last week with her baby Elliot. It was a challenge to paint Elliot since he was in constant motion causing Megan to be in constant motion. This first painting really captures Megan’s profile, she wore fancy make up but I had a difficult time keeping it in focus. I love the way Elliot disappears into Megan’s skirt.

In this one, I took on a challenging angle but I think it’s pretty successful. Elliot was really playful and very curious about the noises Christina was making with her charcoal on her paper. At first I tried to capture Megan’s fancy eye make up and she ended up looking like a scary clown, so I had to scrap that out and do it again. She looks kinder now.After a while, Elliot and his mom needed space from each other, so amazing at 2 months old he was rolling around and checking us out. His arms and legs were everywhere but at one point in time, they were something like this. Painting a baby makes you move quickly.

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