some fantastic artwork

Susan’s Dream

This is my third collage, I’ve used up most of my quick drawings at this point. I feel the collage really completes this scene. At first I was only going to use paintings. The Figure laying in the foreground fit so perfectly into the large central figure but the seated figure on her shoulder was very disconnected before the addition of Jack climbing up her legs. My husband Schwa was a helpful inspiration, he suggested I add a slide and that made sense, which created a logical connection to a ladder to Jack climbing. I didn’t have enough Lisa paintings to make a single collage and that made me feel lonely for her, so I added a lonely Lisa behind the action.  Hopefully over the next few week, I’ll create enough quality Lisa images to have a finished product to show for my efforts. Tomorrow, my sister will be modeling for us. I’m very excited to see what we can come up with.

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