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The Motion of Life

Sometimes I like to think about the direction of my life. I get caught up in the fact that all matter is made of the same things, protons, electrons and neutrons all in different arrangements. I am made of the same thing the ground is made of, which is the same thing a building is  made of which is the same thing this keyboard is made of which is the same thing you are made of which is the same thing a star is made of. The arrangements of these particles don’t actually allow for an object to be solid, so bits of other things must come off and become intermixed with bits of me and the other way around. It’s also interesting that we begin as one cell which turns into two and continues to divide and each of those cells continue to divide and expand like the universe began in a big bang and has set into motion an ever-expanding world. Eventually those flying pieces move further and further apart like the phase changes between solid,  liquid and gas. So I’ve come to believe that there are some people who are internally in the process of either coming together or coming apart. It seems like it must be a cyclical thing, once you come together you must come apart then most likely come together with other nearby particles until the force is too great then you must come apart again. I get confused about how large or small we actually are, we could be as big as a universe or as small as an atom. When I get lost in this thinking and end up not sleeping, I wonder how important sleep is any way in the grand scheme of things. This rambling goes on constantly…

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