some fantastic artwork

She might be giants

The lovely Susan modeled for us again this week. I was studying up on some art history before this last painting session. Manet gave me some inspiration for faking an outdoor scene with an indoor model.

Susan was a great actor as well as a model this time. She helped me imagine what one would do in the water and she acted it out. Perhaps the blue basement floor helped create an image of water in our minds. I prepainted the forest scene the night before and made only slight modifications while painting on Tuesday. I’m going to go back into and make the trees taller. The scene is absolutely ridiculous in proportions. I’m going to apologize for the quality of the image again, I still haven’t figured out lighting yet.

I’ve spent a lot of time reading about and watching about Frida Kahlo  this week. I haven’t nearly as much pain in my life as she did but I love the narratives in her paintings.

Schwa was saying my old paintings remind him of her. Perhaps I’ll be able to get back into that more imaginative style. While watching a documentary about her last night, I began thinking how few female painters I actually know of. I could only name two other, so I am saddened by that and it’s now my mission to become familiar with at least 10 female painters.

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