some fantastic artwork


Susan was such a lovely lady to paint. I had her all to myself tonight, I’m not really sure where the rest of the ladies were. At first I had Susan leave her clothes on while I painted her mainly because I loved her dress but also because it was just me and her and its a little weird asking a stranger to take her clothes off. This was her first time and it’s probably nice to ease into it. I hated this first painting until I put the nose in and for some reason that brought it together.

This one feels chunky to me, I had to answer the phone and put the  kids back into their beds, so my energy was interrupted.

I think this painting is beautiful, it was Susan’s favorite as well. This will make become a part of my red pillow series. I think in a week or two, I’ll have to start assembling that.

This painting feels uncomfortable with nothing supporting her but a red pillow will probably fix that in time as well.

The dress is great here, maybe I’ll sever that head.

Finally she sat for this long pose. Maybe someday I’ll learn to take better photos, the light really washed out the upper half. I really love this painting and this pose. Lisa sat like this last week, I think I’m going to recreate this pose a few more times with other models and see how I can assemble something interesting with them. We had some really nice conversations about our families, the military and Philadelphia. It’s hard to think of a better way to spend a Tuesday night than painting and talking.

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