some fantastic artwork


I met this model off Craigslist. It turned out he wasn’t a murder or a pervert (as far as I could tell).  I painted this in about 2 hours. I really struggled with the foreshortening of his arm, and the angle of his bent knee. Despite those oddities, I think the painting turned out well. Jack described it as colorful, which was funny to me because I limited myself to 6 colors.  This is the second large painting I’ve done featuring that big red pillow. I only need to do one more to create the big red pillow collection. It also features the boyfriend pillow, that might be a more interesting series to follow the big red pillow series. I wish the internet had a scratch and sniff feature so I could share the wonderful smell.It’s just a few more days until Jack comes back for more. I have a collage idea that I’d like to try out. I wonder how easy painted canvas is to sew together?

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